● 139 ●

The Look
Crown: Katie Crown White at Winter Ravens
Sweater: Creepy & Cute Sweater at Epic in the [Saturday Sale 27/08]
Socks: Slink Socks High at Ducknipple
Heels: Trainer Heels at  ILLI 💕

The Body
Hair: Barber @ Yum Yum Free Gift with Free group join
Head: Dyana Head @ Catwa
Skin: Amely Darktan at WoW Skins 💕
Body: Lara at Maitreya

The Location
Shae's Lil Photostudio

More Info
The ILLI heels come with a deluxe Hud with the option to change several parts of the shoe so you can mix and match the colours.  Fantastic Colour options and the Wow skin comes in 6 tones and is compatible with the Catwa mesh heads.

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