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Hey Fashionistas ღ

So I thought I would be a little humerous with this blog post and roped my sister into helping me. Originally she was in colour but I messed a little with the  effects and thought this looked pretty cool.

Anyway, I have lots in this post from my sponsors and to begin with I have this gorgeous dress from Eyelure which comes in a pack of 2.  This dress pack has the plain pink or pink with the heart like the one I am wearing. You can also get the Black/Grey pack if your not a pink person.  Also from Eyelure I matched with this sweet pink lipstick in a nice subtle tone that doesn't overpower the look.

From Deapool we have these stunning Black heels and they are so pretty and girly in this post but I can guarantee I will be using them again in more of my darker looks, for sure.

And finally from Giovanni these awesome brows and beaten face look.  The brows come in 5 bold colours if you want a more colourful look and the addition of the cut lip and bruised brow goes nicely with the whole "Ive just been chased by a Killer " look.

Enjoy ღ Shae xox

The Look
Dress:: Midriff Dress New @ Eyelure Thanx ღ
Shoes:: Jezzabell Black New @ Deadpool Thanx ღ
Bracelets:: BlackRose Bangles @ Baubles

The Body
Hair:: Ambrosia [with Headband] @ Truth Hair
Skin:: Eirtae Free Group GiftLumae Skins
Shape:: Reina Shape Short @ You
Body:: Lara @ Maitreya
Hands & Feet:: Casual & High @ Slink
Brows:: Ford Eyebrows #2 Bubbegum New @ Giovanni Thanx ღ
Lips:: Pink Fall Lips @ Eyelure Thanx ღ
Cut Lip:: Violence NewGiovanni Thanx ღ
Grazed Knees:: Bruised Knees [with applier for Maitreya only] @ JF

The Location
On Location:: My Photo Studio
Pose Scene:: Surprise @ Come Soon Poses

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